Chevonne "CS Princess" Stander

My name is Chevonne “princess” Stander aka “clutch Princess” 👑 I’m 29 and from Port Elizabeth and I teach English as a foreign language.

I am the Captain of the team and a support player. Before big games…. We sing. Mostly the songs Starlight gets stuck in our head, but our theme song is ” do you Wana build a snowman”

My love for Counterstrike came from hanging around and watching the Bravado/Energy boys play. Their dedication, professionalism and passion for the game got me interested in the competitive scene. My goal is to carry the same standards of professionalism and wear our Apg tag proudly…


Kelly "Serenity" Steyn

Hiiiii, My name is Kelly “Serenity” Steyn, I’m 24 years old, I reside in Centurion, Gauteng and I’m studying Network Engineering.

I’m currently the Entry/Lurker for my team & considered as one whose always fashionably late.

I fell inlove with Gaming late 2016 and I’ve always strived to “gitgud”
I played for Divine who moved over to OG_Sphinx participating in Season 1 of Valkyrie. After taking a short break from the competitive scene I was approached to trial for my New Family, Aperture.Fe…


Robyn "Dracarys" Murray

My name is Robyn Murray, I’m 18 years old and currently in Matric. I live in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape.

I’m currently the sub of the team and can play any role however I consider myself a support player.

I’m always willing to work and improve on game play and I’m a really easy going person. When I’m not gaming I’m either studying, horse riding or watching movies.


Lurinda "Lolly" Botha

My name is Lurinda “Lolly” Botha, I am 23 from Randburg Jhb and I am a Technical Analyst.

I am an Entry player aswell as the Secondary Awper for ApG. Fe. I am the Comedian of the team but also known as “sleeping beauty” I love to Nap especially before prac or games. 🙂

I have been playing Counterstrike since 2014 and over 4000 hours on the game. I love the competitive scene, all it takes is passion and dedication…


Sharnelle "M3tt4L" Stander

My name is Sharnelle Stander, I’m 22 years old. I live in Johannesburg, Gauteng.

I am mainly the entry for the team. The one that gets the opportunity to shoot the enemy in the face first (and then there after getting shot in the face). When I play and I’m focused I’ll say most of my words wrong when I need to call for the girls and I will repeat every word that CSGO characters say…


Kira "Starlight" Leigh Allen

My name is Kira Allen, I’m 17 years old and am a scholar. I live in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape.

I am the main awper for the team as well as the IGL.  I’m considered the ‘baby’ of the team as I’m the only one that’s not a legal eagle. I consider myself to be the person that gets songs stuck in everyone’s heads…