CS Princess

CS:GO Player

My name is Chevonne “princess” Stander aka “clutch Princess” 👑 I’m 29 and from Port Elizabeth and I teach English as a foreign language.

I am the Captain of the team and a support player. Before big games…. We sing. Mostly the songs Starlight gets stuck in our head, but our theme song is ” do you Wana build a snowman”

My love for Counterstrike came from hanging around and watching the Bravado/Energy boys play. Their dedication, professionalism and passion for the game got me interested in the competitive scene. My goal is to carry the same standards of professionalism and wear our Apg tag proudly.

I mostly enjoy fast competitive games, but I used to play Skyrim and sometimes I play golf with friends just for a break.  Outside gaming I love to play guitar/ piano and sing and to be outdoors and traveling is my favorite.. And I love tea.. 👑


Support 85%
Entry 70%
Clutch 80%
Lurking 75%