CS:GO Player

My name is Kira Allen, I’m 17 years old and am a scholar. I live in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape.

I am the main awper for the team as well as the IGL.  I’m considered the ‘baby’ of the team as I’m the only one that’s not a legal eagle. I consider myself to be the person that gets songs stuck in everyone’s heads.

Online I’m a crazy person wanting to explode with happiness while in reality I’m quite a shy person. I consider myself to be quite soft at heart as well as understanding PLUS I like to add 5000 more letters at the end of each word especially if it ends with a vowel. I also consider myself to be quite a big eater! I love food!! Although most would say I’m lying…

I started gaming at the age of 12 playing an online MMORPG called Fiesta online.  This being due to me complaining about being bored all the time. My dad eventually found something for me to do and I guess that’s what got me started. From there I moved onto condition zero and at the age of 15, I started with counterstrike.. Casually sitting with over 4k hours total while  only half of them are actually for the competitive part and the rest.. Well that’s just bhopping ..

Other games I play are borderlands, shadow warrior, PUBG and mostly golf with your friends just for the giggles!

My hobbies outside of gaming would be horse-riding, eating sweet things, hording food (my teammates know), going out to the movies and occasionally going out with friends for lunch.

So this is meeee!


Support 75%
Entry 95%
Clutch 85%
Lurking 65%