ApG Fallen – CS:GO (FE) Team Joins The Ranks

ApG Fallen – CS:GO (FE) Team Joins The Ranks

Mar 25 Alpha-Renji  

The FE/female scene in the CS:GO community has been well established for quite some time now but has exponentially taken off in the last two years with ESL and a host of other premier leagues opening the flood gates for FE tournaments and fans alike with massive LAN championships, drawing massive crowds and solidifying the demand for this content.

ApG has been looking into expanding it’s presence into the FE scene since last year when we saw the first installment of the Mettlestate CS:GO Valkyrie Challenge. After seeing how well this tournament was received by the fans we decided to pull the trigger and recruit a FE team to help develop this up and coming scene by investing in talented players who we can work with to reach new heights, consistently.

We are thus extremely excited and proud to announce the acquisition of our first FE line-up: ApG Fallen. We trust they will feel right at home alongside our existing teams and would like to give them a warm welcome to the family. We reached out to ApG manager Theuns “Alpha-Renji” Louw to get some insight into the goals and strategies set out for Fallen going into the rest of 2018.

“It’s been quite a process screening multiple teams before our final decision, and it was by no means an easy one as there are a lot of talented girls currently putting in the work to become top contenders in the SA scene.

I feel confident with the Fallen lineup, having brought together 5 girls with the same goals and vision all equally dedicated to putting in the hours and growing as a team. We have a lot of work ahead of us as the first tournament we will be participating in will be the 2018 Mettlestate Valkyrie Challenge kicking off on 27 March.

Our main goal going into this tournament will be to gauge Fallen’s big match temperament as they will be up against the top FE teams in the country. From there we will start collaborating with our existing CS line-up to help facilitate Fallen’s progression and ideally get them to qualify for their first LAN event.”

We are looking forward to working with Fallen and developing their skill-sets going forward while contributing to the FE scene and helping bring exposure to all the talented individuals invested in this young scene. Thank you to all of our supporters for the continued support, we will be working hard to make you guys and girls proud with this new venture, watch this space! #ApG

Full lineup: Dianne “Severe” Brookes | Stefanie “Kitty Kat” Fourie | Zilla “Shadow” Du Toit | Jaydene “JaydedVamp” Hopely | Mary “Chaosangel” Jacobs

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