Cooler Master – Computex 2018

Cooler Master – Computex 2018

Jun 03 Alpha-Renji  

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA, May 31, 2018 – Cooler Master, a global leader in manufacturing CPU
coolers, computer components and peripherals, today provides an overview of the products the
company will unveil at Computex 2018 in Taipei, Taiwan.

With at least seven new products on display, including the recently released MasterCase H500M,
there will be no shortage of new chassis at the Cooler Master booth. These new case products are not
just for aesthetic changes, but also evolutions in case technology. Cooler Master will present new
models to existing product lines as well as debut the kickoff of a brand new series, all of which will be
revealed at Computex this year.

Cooler Master will showcase two new power supply unit (PSU) product lines at Computex this year.
The V Platinum series promises a new line of 80 PLUS Platinum rated PSUs; something not seen from
Cooler Master since the V1200 Platinum, more than three years ago. Cooler Master will also display a
brand new series being referred to as the XG.

As a global leader in thermal innovation, Cooler Master will unveil a concept design of the legendary
Hyper 212 air cooler. They will also display a new all-in-one (AIO) liquid cooler with a transparent
pump for a clear view into the internal functions of the cooler. In addition, for the first time in more
than two decades of designing and manufacturing cooling products, Cooler Master has announced a
thermoelectric cooler (TEC) for liquid cooling to be displayed at Computex.
Cooler Master will introduce its CK series consisting of six different keyboards with features ranging
from low profile Cherry MX switches to a unique 60% keyboard layout and more. Also debuting for
the first time is the MK730 ten keyless gaming keyboard, the MH752 headset with virtual 7.1 surround
sound and in-line control box, and the MH710 in ear headphones. Attendees can also expect to try
Cooler Master’s M800 series including AIMPAD™ via interactive game pods.

As components become more functional at the digital level, software based control has become
crucial. Cooler Master realizes this and has been working on a multi-purpose software solution that
will allow users to control and monitor both the functions and lighting of their PC components. The
beta version of the new MasterPlus+ multi-purpose software will be exhibited at Cooler Master’s
booth this year.

Cooler Master will also host a number of live exhibitions and activities at their Computex booth this
year. World renowned overclocker Wizerty, of France, will host a daily live overclocking show with live
streaming and liquid nitrogen (LN2) cooled extreme overclocking. Interactive game pods will be
available with multiple games to try out some of Cooler Master’s new peripherals.
The Cooler Master booth will of course have mod projects on display. One such mod will be a
collaboration project with modder Nhenhopiohach featuring a special modular design that was
originally entered into the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds™ BATTLEMODS Asia Tour 2017 with
Project Crosshairs. This special design, which could end up as a future in store product, allows users
to swap their system between multiple cases in seconds without having to dissemble the build.
Cooler Master has stated that this is just a portion of the many things they will present at Computex
this year, declaring that their booth will definitely be worth visiting for both industry professionals
and members of the public.

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