Global Offensive


Quinten "AbSyN" Weening

Quinten Ryan Scott “AbSyN” Weening, hailing from Belgium, is the current captain and mental powerhouse of our Counter Strike side. His unmatchable proficiency at pulling rotates and coordinating the team in high-stress games and match-ups only fortifies his unparalleled leadership ability. His undying motivation to uplift his team and to prove not only his, but each and every one of his team mates’ skills and dedication is the mark of a true captain. He stands ready, dual elites in-hand, to propel Aperture Gaming to the top of the South African Counter Strike circuit.


Nelson "Kaspar0v" de Camargo

Nelson Luiz Ferraz “Kaspar0v” de Camargo, our most dangerous set of hands when equip with his signature AWP, hails from São Paulo, Brazil. His founding years in Counter Strike were based there, racking up hours upon hours of Source and 1.6 before arriving in South Africa to rock the Global Offensive scene. His dynamic approach to leadership allows for him to experiment with the team’s style of play, often bring innovative ideas and strategies to the table. His brutal honesty and self-professed pride only stoke the furnace of his insatiable hunger for victory, which rarely goes unsatisfied.


Theuns "Alpha-Renji" Louw

Theuns “Alpha-Renji” Louw is the resident manager for ApG and the CS:GO team. Dedicated towards expanding individual player brands as well as new business development for the organization, Renji started his esports career as a player in the Battlefield series. He formed ApG with a single Battlefield 4 team in 2013 and managed to lead the team to it’s first major victory that same season, securing first place in the 2014 DGC BF4 Championship and putting ApG square on the map. Renji has subsequently retired from the competitive circuit to focus on brand development for ApG and working alongside sponsors to forge the future for the Aperture brand.