Dota 2 Team

Chad "acg" Simpson

Chad “acg” Simpson is our resident midlaner whose mastery of the lane and its mechanics is unheard of for players of his age. At 21, he has been playing for at least four years, racking up the respect of seasoned veterans and loyal fans alike. His performance on his signature hero, Invoker, is, in a word, mesmerizing. Many a game has rested upon the shoulders of the young prodigy, pulling them back from what seemed like inevitable defeat. Chad’s driving force is his own determination to be the best there is, a dream that is very much within his reach.

Dota 2 Team

Robert "Bob" Yuill

Robert “Bob Euls” Yuill is perhaps the most ambitious, incredibly motivated support player in the game right now. His irrefutable mastery of his role has allowed him to play support quite unlike any other. His particular affinity for positioning has allowed him to pull off otherworldly plays, saving both small engagements and entire matches. Not a game goes by that Bob Euls’ impact hasn’t been felt, his respect for the game and its fundamentals proving its worth time and time again. His style of play continues to inspire support players across the country, who may yet learn invaluable skills from the master himself.

Dota 2 Team

Phillip "OMalley" Swanepoel

Phillip “OMalley” Swanepoel, captain of our Dota 2 roster, is our strategic backbone. The most phenomenal of plays are ushered in by Phillip’s careful guidance. His duties range from drafting to by-the-second shot calling, never letting move go uncoordinated. His offlane is unmatched in how he uses a clever mix of resourcefulness and cheeky tactics to come out on top of otherwise impossible match-ups. When not leading the team to victory, his wicked sense of humour and sharp intellect make him one of the scene’s most approachable and respected players.

Dota 2 Team

Rowan "Phalanx" Budhai

Rowan “Phalanx” Budhai can be described as a local legend within the South African Dota 2 community. Anybody who has played the game for long enough knows of the dreaded “Phalanx Stack”, which either dominates the servers for hours at a time, or simply has all the fun in the world, racking up all the practice one could ever need. The Pretoria-based support player has at least 6 years worth of experience under his belt, having played Dota 2 in its infancy. Phalanx’s indomitable spirit and his inability to tilt in even the direst of circumstances never fail to boost the moral of the team.

Dota 2 Team

Willie "Consp1racy" van Graan

Willie “Consp1racy” van Graan is a man of many talents in the current gaming scene. Not only is he our dedicated position 1 for our Dota 2 roster, he is also one of the most respected Starcraft 2 players around. Hailing from Robertson, Willie has been incorporated into the squad on the basis of his particularly strong split pushing and farming, strengths that prove invaluable in Aperture Gaming’s current style of play. He has also managed to condense many years’ worth of experience into a mere two, proving that he is nothing short of a fast learner, a trait which is unrivaled in the world of esports.

Dota 2 Team

Riccardo "Export" Rizzo

Riccardo “Export Rizzo is the mind behind all of the inner workings of the Aperture Gaming Dota 2 side. He ensures that any and all issues are resolved both professionally and promptly, all while keeping the broadest smile on his face. He is someone who all of the players look up to, regularly expressing their gratitude for all of his hard work and determination. He has a genuine love for Aperture Gaming as an organisation and will always be one of the most important figures on the management team.