The MSI & ApG Partnership – A story to be told

The MSI & ApG Partnership – A story to be told

Jul 24 Alpha-Renji  

In 2008, MSI started partner programs with professional Esports teams. Today, MSI is partnered with more than 15 professional Esports teams worldwide which include names like Fnatic and Cloud9.

Aperture Gaming partnered with MSI in 2014 after winning the Telkom Gaming DGC Battlefield 4 championships. Together our goal has been to drive both our brands into the homes of passionate gamers and introducing them to the world of Esports and next generation hardware that serves as a vessel to becoming a top tier player.

All MSI gaming products are designed by experienced R&D specialists and field tested by professional Esports players. With the power of MSI gaming products, these professional gamers have been achieving outstanding records on the world stage. Top players choose MSI when facing off against their competition; you should have already made your choice #1inGaming

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