VS Gaming CS:GO Cup – LAN Event

Jul 24 Alpha-Renji  

It’s to very few peoples surprise that we started this year off with a rocky start as far as our CS:GO roster was concerned, which is why we have taken a step back to re-align ourselves with players that share the same goal as our organization and the direction we’re going in. Now with that being said we know full well that this isn’t just a one decision remedy to a greater ideal. It will inevitably take time and come with some teething problems but the main goal for us was to start off with a good foundation, which is why we recruited the roster we have: Kasparov / Absyn / Dyvo / TKZ / Krucifier. Solid players with a drive to succeed not just as individuals, but as a team, all while building their individual player brands.

Having freshly picked up this line-up we headed to the VS Gaming CS:GO LAN Cup hosted at the VS HQ on the 30th June – 2nd July. Coming into the event the seeding didn’t do us any favors as our first match up was against BvD. After an optimistic start winning pistols our boys went down fighting 0-2 and ultimately lost the games due to a lack of experience and synergy, both elements which we plan to work on by putting in the hours on practice servers.

Going into our second game we found ourselves on a more level playing field as we went up against Exdee Gaming, which had pulled yet another mix-team out of the bag, making their executions unpredictable and YOLO at best. What they had to back this play-style up though was a seasoned line-up of players captained by none other than Spoof the grandfather of CS himself. As you might have predicted, this game turned into an absolute slug-fest. Not only was this a 3-map game but it totaled 110 rounds of back and forth clutches and aim duels resulting in a final score of 2-1 for the ApG boys and making this the highest contest game of the tournament.

Going into day 2 we faced off against WrG, who admittedly were punching above their weight class this entire tournament, showing some impressive skill and making them a cautioned opponent. During our game they kept us on the back foot and our boys just couldn’t come online fast enough, allowing WrG to confidently take the game 2-0. Much respect for Hulkies and his team, they put on a hell of a show and ended up taking 4th place after their loss against DC, leaving us with 5th and a lot of room to improve.

We would like to thank our main sponsor MSI, always stepping up and making it possible for us to attend these events and allowing us to compete at the highest level with boot-camps and the necessary preparation needed.

Last but definitely not the least important, we would like to give a massive shout-out to every one of our fans. Your support fuels our competitive nature and allows us to reach new hights, THANK YOU!


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