VS Gaming Dota2 Cup – LAN Event

VS Gaming Dota2 Cup – LAN Event

Jul 24 Connor Fenton  

Not long ago, our very own Aperture Gaming Dota 2 line-up was invited to the first VS Gaming LAN event. As the invites were being rolled out to the finest teams in the country, our team wasted no time in beginning to prepare, both mentally and skilfully, for the prestigious event. Hours upon hours were spent tackling the intricacies of a new patch, the play-styles of their soon-to-be opponents and hardening themselves into a dangerously competitive mentality.

As the event drew nearer, we flew our players out to Midrand where the event was to take place. We set up a bootcamp environment wherein they could practice and discuss their play as well as craft sophisticated strategies which would prove invaluable in the days ahead. The ability to converse with their fellow team mates within a single room not only fortified the collaborative play of the team, but their unity as a team as well.

Day 1 had nothing short of its fair share of ups and downs. Having lost to Energy Esports in the first game, the boys kept their heads held high and showed a dominant performance against Mythic Gaming, eliminating the team and keeping our tournament hopes alive. Amidst the turbulent battles of the day, both the management team and the players themselves had the opportunity to mingle with some of the most talented players and greatest minds of South African Esports. The tenacious efforts of the media department also helped to capture the finer moments of the event and made it so that supporters of Aperture Gaming could be with the players every step of the way.

Day 2 saw more action, with a tough game against ExDee Gaming ahead. The team’s level-headed, near perfectly executed strategy saw them comfortably secure their fourth place position, eliminating ExDee in the process.

On our third and final day of participation, we were met with familiar faces in the lower-bracket semi-final. We were to go up against Energy once again; only this time, with more on the line. Our team demonstrated an indomitable spirit in the game, but succumbed to eN’s superior drafting and execution. We secured ourselves a respectable fourth place at the tournament, alongside a torrent of lessons and experiences that neither the players nor the organisation will soon forget.

We would like to extend our congratulations to White Rabbit Gaming for taking the entire tournament. We would also like to thank VS Gaming for the unprecedented production quality of the event, as well as their efforts to accommodate our players and management. Above all, we would like to thank you, the fans, for your undying support for our team at the event. We look forward to sharing more upcoming tournaments with you, keeping you updated by the second.

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