World Sports Betting – All in on Esports

World Sports Betting – All in on Esports

Oct 02 Alpha-Renji  

World Sports Betting is SA’s Premier Sports Betting Site, not only for conventional sports but also for esports. Having worked with WSB before on a distribution level though our holding company AperturePC, we have always admired their passion for our industry and it’s been one of our long term goals to work with them in the esports arena.

We are thus extremely honored and excited to officially announce our partnership with WSB! Together we aim to further establish the ApG platform for players to be able to expand their skill sets and unlock their potential all while moving towards the greater goal of making esports a viable career path in South Africa.

Our first invasion together will start at this years RAge expo where our Dota2 and CS:GO teams will be competing in full force. With WSB backing us in addition to our existing sponsors, we have been able to double down on our reach and exposure which means good news for our supporters in the form of give-aways, player engagement and more!

Keep watching this space for some awesome collaborations and content to come, proudly sponsored by World Sports Betting!

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